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Countdown to Song of the Sea Out now

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Sunday, March 15th @ 5:00pm

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:writersblock: Newsround
:bulletgreen: Congratulations Tomm Moore people The Secret of Kells in Oscar Nomination 2010 Hooray also Congrations to Kilkenny at People of the Year Awards 2010 Photos "Info"
:bulletred: Mick Lally did Voice of Brother Aidan has Died at wed sep 1st age 64 News "Info" Mick Lally Recording Brother Aidan "Info"

:bulletblue: Thanks to Christine for Highlighting this cool cosplay and toy work based on Aisling and Pangur Ban "Info" & "Info" Novei M Carvalho Have made a Bento today inspired by the movie it look delicious "Info

:bulletpurple: Tomm Moore with son Jack watch film at Cambridge how sweet "Info" also Tomm Moore and Jack Drawing Pangur Ban as well "Info"

:bulletblack: Congratulations to Danas Bereznickas first son te baby so cute "Info" also very rare behind scenes pencil Thief line tests "Info

:bulletwhite: Brilent News The Secret of Kells give it 90% on Rottentomatoes and IMDB give it 7.5/10 Empire Magazine give the Movie 5 Stars They are main film people they are very picky film reviews.

:bulletyellow: Interview with Tomm Moore as Director of The Secret of Kells "Info" Radio Interview Tomm Moore "Part 1" - "Part 2" Awesome Tomm Moore viste San Francisco middle-school news "Info

:bulletorange: Tomm Moore in US DVD Release Party "Info" also at Comic-Con 2010 People Interviews with Tomm Moore "Info" Tomm Moore sign People books at Comic-con Info

:bulletpink: Empires Magazine Top 50 best Animated Characters Hooray wot Aisling in 45 well i can vote go UP or DOWN number list, Cheack out rest of Animated Characters "Info

:bulletgreen: Jamie and Rodolphe has made Aisling Pumpkin at Happy Halloween show look brillent "Info" also cool Jessica Pixie Leigh Fanmade Aisling Coustume at Halloween Festival look beutyfull as ever "Info

:bulletred: Good News US The Secret of Kells Comic Book allready Out so go near Comic Book shops stors get it before sold out also get it on ipod apps called comiXology, Bad News UK The ENG Comic Book will not be coming to UK at all dam it Shame be awile someone might sell it ebay or amazon ? keep cheacking.

:bulletblue: There Kilkenny County Library Mobile Van "Info" also Cartoon Saloon Crew People Making Film "Info" ~rinnengangirl: have found "Info" look like pangur ban brill as ever, ~druminor: does anyone think that Aisling might have been one of the Tuatha? "Info" i never heard of it i look up google well the orgianl name Tuatha Danann well does bit only i know Aisling forest fairy sprite of all.

:bulletpurple: Tomm Moore going to Japan Cinema Hooray
"Info" There new The Sight & Sound Review "Info" Tomm Moore finaly back Home from JP "Info" I dont know about here ~rinnengangirl striped pangur-ban "Info" aww they look so cute as ever, ~taragraphic: does Annasophia Robb "Info" look like Aisling ? well she does bit i not shaw be brillent made real life movie ? ~druminor: do think that Aisling might have been one of the Tuatha ? well i never heard of Tuatha i say she does bit but only iknow Forest Sprite that it

:bulletwhite: Tomm Moore Christmas Present idea there 9 Diffent Watercolours Character in 1 price Here
"Info" also Secret of Kells is on Kenneth Turan's/LA Times' doing top movies of 2010 list! "Info

:bulletyellow: I heard a Rumor Tomm Moore post put Aisling and Brendan past storys in movie see what true happend to them but somereason they canceled it put on Comic Book say give away story? aww shame be good put on dvd like Short Movie. Christen Mooney has sing Aisling song on radio with Mum/Sister i found page but i cant find Radio Boeadcast it we can listen to it. Roger Ebert's done a Journal The best animated films of 2010 ever seen.

:bulletorange: Tomm Moore Visits Rooftop School "Info" drawing Artwork sign to class mate people. also there 8th Annual Irish Film & Television Awards Nominees "Info
:bulletpink: The real Pangur Ban voice "Info" & "Info" Aww Cool there Fan Person had a Tatto of Pangur Ban sleeping aww how sweet here "Info" sweet JP made pangur Ban teddy look so cute "Info" wow Pangur ban sketch drawing look brillent "Info"

:bulletgreen: There is new blog called Eclectic Micks They are a group of talented Irish comic book artists who post daily sketches and They posting along this beautyfull Artwork of Aisling "Info" there lots more them go cheack them out
:bulletred: Aww icant belive it Tomm Moore 9 Diffent Watercolours Character "Info" all fully gone for good oh man i thought made lots of them well i wong just made few them and that it i hope youre got some. Frence showing the movie first because Ireland dont have movie studio at all so they have to move all there stuff and they can published Across the World Cinema everyone watch it oh also Tomm Moore doing a Comic Book as well he in Frence have to Release here and many months later them came ENG Comic Book.

:bulletblue: Congratlations DA People all i cant belive The Main Tomm Moore people I love seeing the fanart on Deviant Art cool the JB uses that site a lot and its cool to see so many people trying out the Kells Style these cloth dolls are a definite favourite thoug here cheack out freakdearts "Info" ~puchiko2 "Info"- elfranco "Info" - "Info" - ~gizimow "Info" - "Info" but somerason not here at all i dont know why.

:bulletblack: Thank you all DA people Featured there Artwork on Facebook they are so fantastic artwork ever see oh also the main Tomm Moore creature of movie love youre artwork as well he has comment most them amazing they are, be lots people will (like) & (comment) artwork you done oh here ~puchiko2 "Info" - "Info" artwork also ~anitaboro "Info" - "Info" artwork, finaly there ~thedoberman in normal "Info" in coloure version "Info
:bulletwhite: Everyone know Aisling and Brendan we all love of well unchinly you be shock they are not realy orginal Sketch designs character meaning is like the Main Tomm Moore people keep thinking what going for like clothes face body etc they are so many lots ways do them here Aisling Sketch Designs "Info" also Brendan Sketch Designs "Info" so many months later Main Tomm Moore people agree this orgianl Character of all. IFTAs showing who winner of Animation Award well Congratlations to David O Reilly is the winner
:bulletyellow: Aisling and Brendan Parents Names has been revealed so here go Aisling's Mum Eriu) & Dad Lug) also Brendans Mum Ceathar) and Dad Bronach) ~taragraphic show does Annasophia Robb "Info" look like Aisling well i never heard of her so i look up well she does a bit that just me, wow ~RooniMan found this does George Carlin "Info" look like Brother Aidan well i say he does near exctly like him sweet, man lots people founding out SOK character in real life cool just me are make real life movie be arsome done one.

:bulletorange: OMG wow The President Obama has invate Tomm Moore "Info" on St. Patrick Day coming in White House "Info" sweet as ever, Interview with Tomm Moore "Info" Christen Mooney dress up as Aisling "Info" St' Patrick's Day Parade video "Info

:bulletgreen: Hidden Tomm Moore watercolor sketch art "Info" TV3 talkeing a about Cartoon Saloon works they done past "Info" Irish Echo review Info" and. IFTN review Octonauts & Santa's Apprentice Info" Congrats to Tomm Moore he in Academy of Motion Picture Arts hooray Info"
:bulletred: Irish Animation promo 2011 look good go cheack out "Info" Wow Song of Sea lots money here "Info" Croatian Motovun Festival more"Info" SOK movie online can use on IPod or Netflix/LoveFilm here "Info" Tomm Moore having dinner with John Lasseter his family how nice of him have a great meal "Info" Young irsh film maker "Info"

:bulletgreen: I just cant believe GKIDS 5-Year Anniversary Festival "Info" amazing film "Info" some I never heard of ! Aww only NEW YORK Children Film Festival, oh dawn it I thought do around world, Good news Moon Man is coming Uk and Ireland cinema "27 Dec"

:bulletblue: Sorry everyone no more News :sniff: Cartoon Saloon doing other project ! there nothing of film news, don't worry Fans go to "Twitter & Facebook other Blogs"

:deviator: Family Tree
Do want be part of Family ? "Comments" Can choose any Caracter as want :la: If you dont want part family ! that's fine
















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Everyone welcome club such amazing beautiful artwork love them all, come along bring fav Character like Aisling Brendan Pangur Ban etc, (Newsround) cheack out wot going on. Cheers for "Llama Badge" Thank you
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May 28, 2010


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What is The Secret of Kells :?
Magic, fantasy and Celtic mythology come together in a riot of color and detail that dazzle the eyes in a sweeping story about the power of imagination and faith to carry humanity through dark times. In a remote medieval outpost of Ireland, young Brendan embarks on a new life of adventure when a celebrated master illuminator arrives from foreign lands carrying a book brimming with secret wisdom and powers. To help complete the magical book, Brendan has to overcome his deepest fearson on a dangerous quest that takes him into the enchanted forest where mythical creatures hide. It is here that he meets the fairy Aisling, a mysterious young wolf-girl, who helps him along artistic vision illuminate the darkness and show that enlightenment is the best fortification against evill.

How to enter Competition
Membership is open to everyone, please select the "Join our Group" button at the top of the page, you already joined auto enter Contest but you dont have to

:iconaislingplz: GROUP RULES :iconbrendanohnoesplz:

:bulletgreen: No Trolling !
:bulletpurple: To Join just click the to join button at the top
:bulletblack: Joined club if you want to entre Compertison
:bulletwhite: The quality of art doesn't matter
:bulletyellow: Have any questions just ask
:bulletorange: No art stealing!
:bulletpink: Not allowed Screenshots/Recoloure
:bulletred: Never do any includes, Sex/ Nudity you be Warned
:bulletblack: Related to them movie do accept any Oc/Partner

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:iconabbotcellachplz: Tomm Moore Birthday January 7 :iconaidanrapeface-plz:

:clap: Speak Eng. ^ignore sub text^


For those who are interested

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 2, 2014, 6:34 PM

I came across this ->

That's right, Secret of Kells Legos! :iconaislingplz::iconnormalbrendanplz:
With a little more support, this might actually happen.

--I don't know, just something cool to spread the word about until we finish counting down the days for Song of the Sea to be released :iconabbotcellachplz::iconaidanrapeface-plz:

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